Hello world. I'll be using this space as my primary 'social' space, going forward.

Please bear with me, as I iron out wrinkles on my deployment.

Watch this space. :-)

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Follow on from solar panel mounting first posted here:


So in the end, I got the local mechanic to drill some holes in locally sourced material, and to bend some locally available ubolts to my spec.

Will post further updates as I make progress with mounting the panels on a 1"x1" square cross section pipe for structural support. The 1" ubolts will be used to secure the panels to the pipe, and then to mount the whole thing on an existing roof where the longer (3") u-bolts will be used to secure them.

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Found this brilliant list for journalist fediverse handles.

Incentive alignment should improve S/N ration.

Thanks @tchambers@indieweb.social !

See here: google spreadsheet2

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